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East Liverpool, OH

Visit Spirit Exhaust Shop for Exhaust Systems, Hitches, Brake Work, and much more

Spirit Exhaust Shop began serving the community in 1986, from East Liverpool, OH. We are a family-owned and operated company with customer first attitude. Spirit Exhaust Shop is proud to provide top-quality, honest, and dependable exhaust services for vehicles at a reasonable price. We enjoy working on any make or model of car.

When your new or old car needs a new exhaust system or muffler, visit Spirit Exhaust Shop. Our crew does custom work which means it is possible to achieve any type of exhaust system for your vehicle including those from Magnaflow and Flowmaster®.      

To schedule an appointment for exhaust, hitches, brake lines, and manifolds for your vehicle, call Spirit Exhaust Shop at (330) 385-4914.

Services at spirit exhaust shop

  • Exhaust repair
  • Brakes
  • Struts and Shocks
  • Under-car service
  • Welding
  • Hitches
  • Brake Lines
  • Manifolds

Bring Your Car to Our Shop for Exhaust work, Repair, or other services

Exhaust pipes are an important part of any vehicle. Without an exhaust system, fumes from your car’s engine would not be able to escape. It also prevents toxic fumes from entering the cabin of your car and makes sure your engine works. A properly working exhaust system allows your engine and vehicle to run smoothly. Engine deterioration can occur when exhaust fumes build up in the pipe system. This makes it important to have your exhaust pipe regularly inspected by a professional like those at Spirit Exhaust Shop to check for any build up that might compromise the system.
A good exhaust system can offer you the best fuel efficiency and cuts the amount of emissions that pollute the air. Spirit Exhaust Shop offers exhaust systems from Magnaflow and Flowmaster.
Visit Spirit Exhaust Shop for professional exhaust, hitches, brake lines, manifolds, struts and shocks, under-car service, and welding services.

When You Have an issue, Bring Your Car to Our Shop

If your car is vibrating while it is running or experiences a loss of power, bring it into Spirit Exhaust Shop for an exhaust inspection. When you visit our shop in East Liverpool, OH, let us know where the vibrations are coming from such as the steering, operating pedals, or the seat. The vibration could mean the exhaust system has a hole, disconnected part, leak, and is not performing at peak levels.

Spirit Exhaust Shop will inspect the exhaust system of your vehicle and make the necessary repairs to keep it running the way it should. Do not wait to have your exhaust system repaired, bring your car to Spirit Exhaust Shop to resolve the issue. Spirit Exhaust Shop also can repair or replace your exhaust manifold, catalytic converter or muffler.

Decrease in Fuel Efficiency Might be a Sign of Exhaust System Problems

When you notice regular trips to the gas station are not getting you the mileage your vehicle used to have. A loss of fuel efficiency could be a sign of an exhaust system problem such as a leak. Bring your vehicle to Spirit Exhaust Shop for an inspection and / or free estimate.

Our reliable team will repair the problem for you, or install a new exhaust system from Magnaflow or Flowmaster to help restore the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.